Month: October 2009


slub at shunt (c) Evan Raskob
slub at shunt (c) Evan Raskob

Tom Armitage wrote a nice wired article interviewing us (slub) about live coding.

I’m still working on my upgrade, hoping to be a proper PhD student by the end of this month…

I’m excited to be organising an evening called transfer at Goldsmiths, London on Friday October 16th.  It’ll be fantastic with all my favourite electronic music superheroes — Leafcutter John, Finn Peters, Yeeking and friends, Sarah Angliss as well as slub. Tickets now on sale!

Congratulations to those who made it to the end of the hackpact, sorry for breaking my part of the bargain but I really had to get this draft done, and couldn’t justify taking time away from my family without also taking time away from my nightly practice.  Looking forward to spending time on other parts of my life this month, including a rather looser aim of recording and editing one track every week.  If I manage it there’ll be an EP at the end of it.

Nice drunken live coding at shunt last night, the atmospheric photo from Evan is about all the documentation though, got to fix that for the next gig…