Work in progress: starting to collect some of the music I’ve recorded over the years, in collaboration and solo. See Slub and Canute for some of the former, and Yaxu for more of the latter.

20150430 – Peak Cut EP (Computer Club #DISK02)

Peak Cut by Yaxu

also a live streamed remix of Peak Cut:

Canute – live at Algorave Karlsruhe 2015

Leafcutter John and Yaxu, White Building 2014

Yaxu live at IFAI, Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds

Yaxu – Broken (Chordpunch #CP0x0d)

20130914 – Slub live in nnnnn Algorave

20130615 – Xname + Yaxu at Audacious Sheffield

Yaxu Live at BEAM festival 2012

20110930 – Slub Live in Paris (Chordpunch #CP0x08)

20020715 – Slub live at camping electronic, montelimar

Slub – 20010203_(folded) / 20010307_(folded) – Fallt (F.0020.0002)

For info + PDF insert:


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