Month: May 2010

Flash on eval

Here’s a tech demo of my current Haskell live coding environment, an emacs mode adapted from Rohan Drape’s haskell supercollider mode, with flash on eval adapted from the syntax tail highlighting minor mode.

Source coming soon here

haskell 2 minute acid tech demo from yaxu on Vimeo.

Visualisation of Live Code

I wrote a paper with Dave Griffiths and Nick Collins on the visualisation of live code, exploring ideas around live coding interfaces, accepted for the EVA London 2010 conference in July. A HTML version is below, or see the PDF Preprint.

Alex McLean (Goldsmiths), Dave Griffiths (FoAM), Nick Collins (University of Sussex) and Geraint Wiggins (Goldsmiths)


In this paper we outline the issues surrounding live coding which is projected for an audience, and in this context, approaches to code visualisation. This includes natural language parsing techniques, using geometrical properties of space in language semantics, representation of execution flow in live coding environments, code as visual data and computer games as live coding environments. We will also touch on the unifying perceptual basis behind symbols, graphics, movement and sound.

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