Month: March 2015

Peak Cut on Bleep

bleepKind words on bleep, who have some of the remaining physical copies of Peak Cut:

“Restricted to just 100 copies, Yaxu’s debut EP comes from Computer Club on a very special USB credit card containing the 6 tracks as well as a collection of over 100 algorithmic Tidal patterns to reshape and enjoy as you wish. As well as challenging the conventional formats for releasing music, Yaxu’s polyrhythmic and hyperreal strand of techno is showcased on cuts like Public Life and Cyclic showing that he is not just testing the confines of how music can be consumed but also how genres can sound. A truly forward thinking influx of material from Yaxu and the Computer Club team.”

Live stream live code remix of Peak Cut EP

There’ll be a live stream right here Sunday 29th March from 11pm BST. I’ll be remixing Peak Cut EP to celebrate its release.

Peak Cut EP on Computer Club

ccReally happy about Peak Cut EP, coming out on Computer Club record label. You can pre-order and listen to one of the tracks over here.

The physical version comes in the form of a USB drive running my complete ‘studio’, i.e. Linux, Tidal and a lot of Tidal patterns. It’s been a real pleasure working with Computer Club and Human on this.

Peak Cut be launched at an extra special algorave at Access Space in Sheffield.