AI as collective performance

I’m excited to be working with some ace people planning a new project “AI as collective performance”, namely Mika SatomiĀ (artist … More

How to withdraw from Facebook

Facebook is a problem.. They happily show political adverts, heavily targeted and very under-regulated, as well as being slow to … More

Hybrid live coding workshop

I’ve been working on the hybrid live coding interfaces research workshop with Shelly Knotts and Jack Armitage, happening online 28-29th … More

hellocatfood x yaxu

I’m really happy with this set with hellocatfood: You can find some kind words about it over on the mighty … More

Accessible online courses

Warning – hurried, disorganised thoughts. I will very likely add to and tidy this up later! I’ve started running a … More

Pattern and decoration

I finally took some time to watch the video recordings of the AlgoMech Symposium on Dancing and Braiding, which I … More

Time spirals

I’ve long thought about time in Tidal as a spiral – where cycles develop over time. I don’t think I’ve … More


I’ve been making a video every day this month as part of ‘#jamuary’, got as far of the 12th so … More