TidalCycles summer school

Dates: 12th/13th August 2017 (with optional pre-session on the 11th)
Place: Access Space Labs, Sheffield UK

First deadline: 7th July 2017 (if there’s places left after that there’ll be another deadline)

The first official, (potentially) annual TidalCycles live coding summer school!Learn to quickly+easily make algorithmic patterns with TidalCycles (http://tidalcycles.org/). Explore ways to transform patterns through repetition, symmetry, interference and glitch. Find out how to add your own sounds to TidalCycles, or use it to control MIDI synthesisers. Try out multichannel sound – sending TidalCycles patterns across multiple speakers in surround sound. Try linking up multiple laptops for ensemble play. Hang out with other nice people in the fine city of Sheffield, crucible of electronic music, with the rugged Peak District national park a stone’s throw away.

The workshop will be lead by me (Alex McLean, http://slab.org/). I created TidalCycles (now a free/open source community project), and deeply involved with live coding, co-founding algorave and toplap and performing at sonar, transmediale, strp, sonic acts, blue dot, ars electronica, and resonate festivals, the ica, arnolfini, tate modern and around 50 algoraves.

The fee for this two day workshop is suggested minimum £25 for unwaged/underemployed, and maximum of £250 for those with strong institutional backing or surplus cash. Proceeds will go towards space hire and Alex’s time developing and documenting TidalCycles, an otherwise unfunded and volunteer-run project.

Apply here:

Draft schedule

11th August
5pm-7pm – optional session covering basics of installation and sequencing

12th August
10am-5pm – repetition, symmetry, interference and glitch, ensemble play
from 5pm – excursion to peak district for battery-powered group improv (or stay indoors if bad weather)

13th August
9:30am-5pm – customisation, multichannel, midi control (external synths), dmx control (lights), visualisation
from 5pm – pub