Haskell hack

*UPDATE* This entry is ancient, but for some reason gets quite a lot of traffic, see Tidal for a more up-to-date page!

Finally off the back burner, some music in haskell.

This is very much in progress, more ideas to implement but I think it’s getting quite interesting already. Beat rotation heavily influenced by douglas.

32 thoughts on “Haskell hack”

  1. Neat.

    Do you plan to release this?
    How portable is this, will it run on win32?

  2. WOW! I don’t think 200000/60 is even legal in the USA! This sounds great.

  3. Very cool, much more fun the boring java I write all day. What is the point of a language you have to compile AND interpret, Come on Sun, Pick One!

  4. damn sweet ! I’m trying to build something similar … that would be nice to release the code !

  5. This looks much like Haskore … have you perchance been reading the Haskell School of Expression? ;)

  6. Thanks a lot for all the encouragement! I will post something about how this works, and release the code in good time.
    Dan: I bought HSoE but didn’t like it too much, I’m not into midi. Interesting that this looks similar to haskore though, I’ll take another look at that sometime.

  7. Alex, I love you buddy, but I’ve been to your site at least 100 times looking for code. Pretty please?

  8. Sorry to not release the code straight away. I need to think through some ideas first, particularly as this is probably going to form part of my PhD research.

  9. I really like this, it seems like a logical next step in your ultra-high-speed livecoding setups. The use of the command buffer in editing is nice as well; I tend to get lost in the amount of code buffers I’m using quite early on in my sets and this solves that.

    I do feel that this mode of performance, while a efficient way of getting data into a sequencer compared to -say- Live it also seems to go at the expense of public thought. Now; I much prefer a new look at sequencing over TOPLAP compliance for it’s own sake but I was still hiping you could comment on that.

  10. that music drove my cat crazy ! he tried to enter inside the computer to kill that bug … sounds like the music made with Pure Data.

  11. You’re gonna make Richie Hawtin jealous if you keep this up. Awesome stuff dude.

  12. Very Nice I like this I never played Haskell but i think im going to have to start..

  13. Damn, that’s something to see that for a coder :D

    The way you play with it is also great, good music.

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