A new project:

The idea is to use festival speech synth to turn what people type into rhythms, giving them a simple multi-user interface for playing words together.

It needs flash 8 or later, but all of the interface is in good old HTML – I’m just using flash for the audio stream and server communication. The javascript and flash was made with the open source haXe language, so I didn’t have to install any dirty macromedia software on my computer.

Please play with it! All feedback very much appreciated. It’ll run until 14th April, after which I’ll release the sourcecode under the GPL for download, plus if anyone’s interested, a DVD containing the audio from the two weeks.

Relatedly, I was excited to find out about Canntaireachd, which is to bagpipes what bols are to tabla. I’m looking forward to getting my own articulatory synthesis working…

[update] This project is now finished, but I wrote a report on it.

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