Vocable bugfix

Apologies to those who weren’t getting any sound from vocable, here’s a version with a quick bugfix from Rohan Drape that makes sure control buses are properly initialised. It should work for everyone now. Thanks Rohan!

By the way you might notice that vocable records everything you do under the ‘logs’ directory.  I’d be really interested in seeing your log files and the dorky words and funky rhythms you are typing in.  Please send me a copy if you don’t mind — don’t be shy now…


  1. Hi Alex,
    To get vocable running, I needed to remove some code from Util.lhs. I removed everything that referenced “atNote” (bigram things) and the line “import Safe”. This makes it compile, but not (on my Mac) link correctly. To get it to link I used “ghc –make -lreadline -threaded Main.lhs” (added the -lreadline). Do you have a public darcs repository somewhere?

    And.. It’s great fun! I’ll send a log when I make something neat.

    Oh, and it might be good to document the fact that you need to start SuperCollider and launch a local server. Obvious, I know, but it tripped me up for a while. And maybe you could update the link from your “Software” page to the newest tarball.

    Thanks for the fun instrument!

  2. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the report, I’ll make the same changes after the holiday and will try to flesh out the install docs.

    I was using Safe for tracing (before upgrading ghc with the nice debugging stuff) and left it in accidently, sorry about that…

    No darcs repository yet, although you’re not the first to ask…

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