Upcoming performances and workshops

I’ve been doing things a bit on the quiet lately, including Live Coding on the streets of Liverpool, and in a nice bar in Huddersfield.  Time to update the blog I think.

Next week we’re doing some live coding in Sheffield:

6:30pm, Oct 29th 2010, Access Space, Sheffield UK – Live Coding alongside Jamie Forth, Scott Hewitt and Dan Stowell at Access Space, who hosted the international LOSS Live Code festival a few years ago.

Then in November Dave and I are doing a workshop on making music with functional programming at Piksel Festival in Norway Nov 18-21st 2010, we’ll do a slub performance too.

There’ll be some kind of thing at Goldsmiths, London on December 16th, more details nearer the time but will likely feature a slub performance by Ade and I and maybe Dave too if he’s around.  There are rumours bubbling up from Brighton that there may be a Live Coding tour of Japan next year as well.

Aside from that I’m moving house, writing up my PhD thesis, and dreaming up a visual programming language.  A post is brewing about the latter at least…

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