Some videos

First a quick screencast of my new live coding environment called Text, which is I think a good proof of concept but crashes quite often (including at the end of this video).

It’s basically Haskell but with syntax based on proximity in 2D space, rather than adjacency. Type compatible things connect automatically, made possible though Haskell’s strong types and currying. I implemented the interface in C, using clutter, and ended up implementing a lot of Haskell’s type system. Whenever something changes it compiles the graph into Haskell code, which gets piped to ghci. The different colours are the different types. Lots more to do, but I think this could be a really useful system for live performance.

Secondly here’s some nice video from an event at access space, including live coding from a duet by Scott Hewitt and I, and beatbox livecoding from MCLD:

Thirdly here’s video from a slub performance at piksel fest.

The sound and video are out of sync at some points, and I think the camera falls over and cuts out towards the end because the camerawoman was off dancing to our code… Was a fun night! An ogg file is also available here.

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