Simple tidal

Here’s a quick demo of a ‘simple’ dialect of tidal. Basically it

  • avoids parenthesis, `#` etc, through a small, simple library of shortcuts (faster, slower, higher, lower, crunch, quieter, louder, skip, etc)
  • allows you to just put e.g. `”bd sn”` and it’ll assume you meant s "bd sn".
  • that’s it

I’ll be trying this out with a large number of 8 year olds soon..


  1. Interesting. I’m looking at ways to get my neighbours nine year old using Tidal, and was thinking along the lines of a simplified cheat sheet for full Tidal, but a Simple Tidal would would be interesting too. Got FeedForward running on a Mac, after some dependency issues, but the editor inserts loads of random characters, so something not quite right somewhere (I’m guessing Simple Tidal was running on Feedforward?). But t plan here is a Pi Zero Tidal gizmo with a monochrome console-only screen and midi, so the Mac issue isn’t a big deal. Humm.

  2. Oops sorry Jeremy your comment got stuck in the spam queue for a couple of months! Feedforward currently sends a lot of nonsense to stdout, best to start it with
    feedforward 2>/tmp/ffwd.txt
    or something like that
    I have it running on a pi zero as well

  3. Thank you Alex, I’ll try that. Actually the Tidal Pi Zero gizmo hadn’t even happened yet, other events got in the way, as they do. But some kid friendly diy synth gizmos are in the works and one of them is definitely going to be a pi zero with an audio hat and terminal like interface that boots straight into Tidal. (Other gizmos might include a Google NSynth (done), DIY Meeblip Triode (next), Open Theremin, and some of the Midisizer midi sequencer builds, amongst others. ) Will keep you posted if the Tidal gizmo gets interesting.

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