BP2-like polymetric syntax

Another experiment with haskell, rather hastily screencasted for your pleasure: It’s using haskell’s Parsec module to parse the syntax, and … More

Live programming

I thought there wasn’t enough context on this log, so here’s a brief history of my experiences with live programming. … More

Onomatopoeic synthesiser

In the afore-mentioned paper Rationalizing musical time: syntactic and symbolic-numeric approaches, Bernard Bel describes onomatopoeic notation for music, and then … More

Haskell music

I’ve settled on using Haskell98 for my MSc project. It’s a very interesting language with excellent parsing libraries as well … More

Wired article

My alter-ego “Alex Maclean” is mentioned in a funĀ  wired article.

Woven sound

Woven sound is an idea by Dr Tim Blackwell, where a one-dimensional stream of audio samples or midi events may … More

Voronoi diagrams of music

Voronoi diagrams describe half-way points between neighbours. Some recommended general introductory links: Voronoi diagram on wikipedia Centroidal voronoi diagrams A … More