An evening of beautiful experiments in music from humans and computers.

Time: 7pm - 10pm, Friday 16th October 2009
Place: Goldsmiths Great Hall, New Cross, London
Keywords: microfolk, brainjazz, robotic-theramin-cabaret, live-coding.

Part of knowledge futures, a two day conference featuring London's leading digital artists and researchers.

Entry on the door is £10 (£5 concessions). Advance tickets also available including combined ticket with the conference.



Leafcutter John

Leafcutter John's experimental approach to music, including handmade synthesis algorithms, contact microphones and handmade interfaces like his "electric breasts" beloved him to a crowd more used to industrial techno through his chaotic Planet Mu releases. More recently though his love of folk music has shown in his recorded work, his 2006 album finding his guitar and his voice between electronic forests. It's not clear what he's going to do for Transfer, but it'll be chosen from one of the broadest sonic pallets in London.

Finn Peters and Yee-King

Finn Peters Quartet

Finn Peters (sax / flute / fx), Matthew Yee-king (SuperCollider), Oren Marshall (tuba / fx) and Tom Skinner (drums / synths / fx) will play prototypical versions of tracks from the forthcoming 'Music of the Mind' album which features music generated, modulated and inspired by the activity of the brain. As usual, you can also expect some noisy, wild card improvisations.

Sarah Angliss with Clara 2.0 (robot thereminist)

Spacedog (the Angliss sisters and Clara 2.0)

Hot on the heels of their sell-out shows at Brighton Festival Fringe, Spacedog presents Electroplasm: curious renditions of death ballads, space songs and eerie English folk songs with theremin, vocals and musical automata. Includes a rare live performance with Clara 2.0, the theremin-playing robot doll. "Eerie, evocative and hilarious - tremendous fun", Roger Highfield.



slub are three live coders who have made software to make music to drink beer to for the last nine years. Slub sound emerges from slub software; melodic and chordal studies, generative experiments and beat processes. Process-based sonic improvisations; live generative music using hand crafted and live coded apps, scripts, l-systems, daisy chains and traffic simulations in networked synchrony. With roots in UK electronica and tech culture, slub build their own software environments for creating music in realtime. Only custom composition and DSP software is used. Everything you hear is formed by human minds.

A Goldsmiths Digital Studios event as part of the LCACE inside out festival, with support from Sound and Music and the Sound Practice Research centre, TOPLAP UK and the PRS Foundation.