1. hey jesús!

    looking forward to that too 🙂 a simple idea really, so it will be defined by the code that gets contributed I think.


  2. hello, I second Jesùs: this is a super idea and website! I’m looking forward to see it grow.

    I would suggest maybe that it would be easier to follow if each code entries were displayed in the feed. I can to code this in your backend if you want or don’t have time.


  3. Loving it.

    Bug on upload.

    selecting licence-other and/or language-other throws an error on upload

    or, please add Creative Commons to licence types.

    Ta. David

  4. Pierre — Fair enough but I think it’s nice to have a feed that is just updated once a month, so I made a separate code feed.

    David — I think this is fixed now, let me know if you get new problems. The problem is there are a lot of different flavours of Creative Commons, not sure how to support it.

    seeya! alex

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