The physical modelling of drums using digital waveguides

Joel Laird completed a fine PhD thesis on physical modelling drums in 2001, which included C++ sourcecode for an accurate model of a drum and a felt mallet for hitting it with.  I’ve been in contact with Joel and am very happy to have prompted him to license the source under the GPL.

A .tar.gz file including some windows demo programs and the (Borland) C++ source is here.  I hope to make some time to translate some of it into realtime supercollider unit generators soon…

Thanks, Joel!


I ported it to GNU C++, a version with my edits is available here.


  1. Hi John,

    Apologies, I’m still tidying up after a website move. The code links work again now.

    I haven’t found time to look at Joel’s code closely since posting this, apart from having a great deal of fun with the mallet model after successfully getting it working with my own waveguide mesh code. Let me know if you’d like a copy of that too (I intend to tidy+release it someday anyway).

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