Visualisation of a triangular mesh

Here’s a visualisation of my drumskin simulation, slowed down a lot. I hit the (square) drumskin in various places then hit it all over until it goes crazy.

I have a prototype of control over it with phonetics which I’ll be demoing tomorrow (Friday 4th July) at the sonic arts festival unconference in Brighton, probably around 11am although being an unconference, the schedule might change. I’ll also be on a panel with my favourite heroes Nick Collins, Dan Stowell and Sarah Angliss later in the day.


  1. Hi Alex, thanks for suggesting the panel, enjoyed going down to expo. I’m sorry I didn’t manage to get to Brighton in time to see your demo; I hope to see your phonemes sometime soon…

  2. Hey Dan, thanks for being on the panel! Maybe we can talk some phonemes at the SC summer school if you’re going to any of that.


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