poei hoio _ topo _ _

Here’s a screencast of my current vocable synthesis prototype, it’s starting to sound interesting… Apologies for the rubbish resolution and the clipping/distortion of sound in some places of the recording. Vowels control properties of the simulated drumskin (using waveguide synthesis), consonants control properties of the mallet and how it strikes the drumskin.

In the video the visualisation shows the structure of the drum, and where it is being struck. Where you see a line across the drum, it means the mallet is being hit across the drum rather than just in one place. The nonsense underneath is me typing words to try to make some nice rhythm out of them. Underscores are rests (pauses) in the rhythm.

You can get a better quality avi here (33M), there is still some annoying clipping on the sound though.

More info and a better quality screencast soon…


  1. Hi yaxxx, I saw this in action on Friday! It was cool, I saw and heard some

    tikka te tokki _ _ ekki _ _ bobabobabob _ _

    or sth like that. Sorry had to leave before end of set but it was cool

  2. my girlfriend is in the other room practicing indian singing with a tabla machine and the similarities between vocable this synthesis and the approach/didactic techniques/sonorist conceptions used in indian music is really too much not to leave a note.

    thank you.

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