DSP in HaXe

I’m working on an on-line piece for the  forthcoming Supertoys exhibition at the Arnolfini in Bristol.  It has always been tricky doing audio in web browsers — java sound is painful and fiddly to get working (although Ollie Bown is improving things hugely), flash has only done mp3 playback, and no-one ever installs any other plugins.

However now Flash 10 is out and gives you full control, you can now pipe your samples out to audio.  Already cleverer people than me have done things like an ogg vorbis player, not using Adobe authoring tools but the excellent and properly free HaXe language which can compile to flash.

Anyway here is my demo showing karplus-strong string synthesis (sourcecode included), which will make the audio for my supertoys project.  If you have any problems (or even successes) with it please, please let me know what OS and browser you’re using in the comments here, that’d be most helpful!


  1. I had an idea where this could be used… in some sort of tracker software done in flash, where the notes could be generated in real time instead of being pre-recorded sounds

  2. I m doing something the same as you in my project.
    Recently, i implemented the sola_fs to play audio while changing speed.
    And i also transported some filters from musicdsp.com, sound nice.
    see here for realtime audio speed change demo

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