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harvey and his scarf

I’ve kept a bit quiet about a great achievement in my life, but now I’ve come to terms with it I think the time has now come to go public – last September I was knitter of the month for knitting the zig zag scarf from Aneeta’s excellent knitting-for-beginners book knitty gritty.  I made it for my son Harvey (another of my achievements), shown wearing it.

My knitter of the month prize was some beautiful hand-dyed yarn which I’ve since turned into another scarf with a nice wavy pattern.  I estimate this second scarf took about 7500 stitches, it took me a while but I managed to go a bit faster after adjusting my knitting towards a more continental style of holding the yarn in my left hand.

knitting at dorkcamp

The pattern took a bit of concentration, but at some point I started being able to watch videos while knitting.  I’ve found this an excellent way of exploring new fields of science for a couple of hours each night.  I think somehow stitching the knits and purls helps weave new ideas into my understanding.  In any case often when I’m not in the mood to spend an hour either watching a lecture or knitting I am in the mood to do both.

Here’s some of the videos I’d particularly recommend to watch while knitting (note: I’m adding to this as I remember what I’ve watched):


  1. Wow. The Haskell blogs and the knitting blogs in my Reader have never intersected before. (“You’ve got your combinator in my yarn!” “No, you’ve got your yarn in my combinator!”) Excuse me while I recover from the surprise! It’s nice to meet another knitting Haskeller. Thanks for the recommendations 🙂

  2. Heh, well Haskell talks would normally feature more on such a list but I’ve been immersing myself in neuro- and cognitive science lately as you can see… Maybe the haskell knitting community should pick a delicious tag share such things, maybe “lectures-to-knit-to”.

  3. I haven’t knitted or crocheted to lectures, or have I…? Now I’m not sure.

    Both the Haskell community and the knitting community and their intersection may be larger than you might expect.

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