Dorkcamp ’09

Douglas Repetto started dorkbot in nyc in late 2000, as a free forum for “people doing strange things with electricity”, with each meeting consisting of a few informal presentations within the broad remit of electronic/electric/robotic/software art.  After meeting Douglas at a crummy generative art conference, some friends and I decided to start dorkbotlondon.  We had our first event in late 2001 and it was an immediate success, there’s something about the combination of artist geeks, geek artists, free entry and cheap beer that makes things flow.  The Belgians had the same idea, and it has since spread to something like 60 different cities…

We’re about to have our 62nd dorkbotlondon event this Tuesday 23rd June ’09, a really great lineup including Douglas himself.

The reason I’m posting though is dorkcamp (aka burningdork), dorkbotlondon’s annual camp.  It happens late summer, somewhere an hour or so out of London, and features workshops, presentations, performances etc.  It’s an actual camp, although we’ve done it on campsites with kitchen, indoor space, showers etc so isn’t a great hardship…  To get a flavour, here’s video documentation of the first one in 2006:

We’re looking for a venue, and for people who want to join in (this is one of those ‘everyone is a volunteer’ type events).  If you’re interested, head over to the wiki page and/or join the mailing list to find out more.

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  1. Im about as keen as any one can get to go the next Dork camp – I have attempted to sign up by following the links, if poss could you make sure Im on the list – Im also a qualified aromatherapist so I bring my own particular set of skills that Im happy to share…..

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