All the things

Two more performances this coming week:

First on Thursday 5th December I’m taking part in Confluence project Sheffield, including a live tai chi/dance/paint + live code collaboration with Ayşegül Thornett. Confluence is an event where visual artists and musicians meet and collaborate through discussion and performance.

The next day on Thursday 6th December I’ll be performing at Open platform, Sheffield in which I’ll be trying to do digital performance without electricity, by transcribing Susanne Palzer’s live art actions by knitting (and pearling) her binary ON and OFF actions. Open platform explores Technology without Technology through live performance in small spaces via open calls.

An algorave, two slub performances, a workshop, a lecture-performance, a live coding FP talk, two durational solo live coding performances (one two hour, one four hour), percussive free improv and these two makes eleven events in one month, as well as teaching and sorting out funding proposals for more things… I’m knackered but happy, and there’s more to come..

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