Upcoming things

A few things I’m involved with… Jamie Forth, Geraint Wiggins and I are researching the representation of music in conceptual … More

poei hoio _ topo _ _

Here’s a screencast of my current vocable synthesis prototype, it’s starting to sound interesting… Apologies for the rubbish resolution and … More

Mallets and Meshes

I have my drum physical model working with the mallet from Joel Laird’s PhD work that I mentioned before.  So, … More

Late summer events

I’ve had a paper accepted to ICMC (International Computer Music Conference) in Belfast.  My paper isn’t directly about livecoding but … More


A brand new website: http://instructionset.org/ The idea is that every month some instructions appear and passersby add their implementations in … More

First vocable output from a waveguide membrane

Very early stuff but a rendering of the vocable word sebosebesusasobesebosebasusasobesebosebesusasobesobosebesusasobesebosebesusasobesebosebasusasobesebosebesusasobesobosebesusasobe is here. (any website layout breakage is intentional) The … More

Creative constraints

Here’s an interesting response to my earlier post about how test driven development does not necessarily apply to all problem … More

Alternative title

So I explained my msc project to Amy who explained it back far better than I could have; “… it’s … More