Busy week

That was fun..

Slub at the Mozilla party

First, full slub (Dave, Ade and I) at the Mozilla party. The most interested crowd we’ve had, it was hard to get any live coding done between all the questions!  Dave collected some photos from the many that appeared online..

Then to Mexico City for the week-long /* vivo */ live coding festival.  They have a really great scene there, so many great accomplished performances, philosophical talks and fun workshops.  They also have great food and mezcal. A festival report will hopefully appear on the TOPLAP website soon but here is some video from the 2/3 slub performance (Dave and I) there (check out the 3D and HD options..):

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHEA5HXedZ4&hd=1]

Hester Reeve and I performing at the AHRC moot

Then back to London for the AHRC Digital Transformations Moot, where Hester Reeve and I made an experimental, and (fairly) durational live code/art performance work, where I made marks by live coding, and Hester made marks on a blackboard-painted pole.

Next is a panel session at PPIG, a solo performance at iFIMPAC in December (as well as a co-written paper on live coding in education), and more to follow in the new year..

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  1. really cool to see a video of slub live, too bad the quality is too low for me to actually see what’s going on on-screen. looks like a fun time though!

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